Harold Wilson

Standard Name: Wilson, Harold


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Family and Intimate relationships Muriel Box
One of Gardiner's great-grandfathers was the Victorian author Dionysius Lardner , who extramaritally fathered Dionysius Lardner Boursiquot, better known as playwright Dion Boucicault . His family had strong links with the theatre.
Box, Muriel. Odd Woman Out. Leslie Frewin, 1974.
Box, Muriel. Rebel Advocate. Victor Gollancz, 1983.
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politics Valentine Ackland
VA voted Liberal (against Harold Wilson 's Labour government) in the general election, a departure from socialism which pained Warner considerably.
Mulford, Wendy. This Narrow Place. Pandora, 1988.
politics Alison Uttley
AU looked on the election of the post-war socialist government (26 July 1945) as a personal betrayal of the war leader Churchill . As years passed she became increasingly Conservative,
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph, 1986.
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yet she was...


8 October 1959
Judith Hart , Labour candidate and founding member of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament , was elected to Parliament for Lanarkshire.
10 August 1961
Britain applied, for the first time, for membership in the Common Market (later the European Community). This application was defeated by opposition from France in the person of President Charles de Gaulle .
15 October 1964
The Labour Party came to precarious power in the general election by a majority of four seats; next day Harold Wilson became Prime Minister.
Harold Wilson 's Labour Government launched a National Plan intended to co-ordinate the entire British economy; but the plan was dropped after the government weathered the general election in the following year.
January 1966
The British government took the decision to deport the inhabitants of the island of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean. The same year they leased the land to the USA as an air base...
31 March 1966
In the general election the Labour Party under Harold Wilson increased its majority from four to nearly a hundred.
November 1967
The pound sterling was devalued, something which Harold Wilson 's Labour government had been trying in vain to prevent.
19 June 1970
The day after a surprise Conservative victory in the general election, Edward Heath formed the government (succeeding to the Labour administration of Harold Wilson ).
4 March 1974
Labour having come first past the post in the general election of 28 February, Harold Wilson formed his second government (a minority one), replacing ConservativeEdward Heath as Prime Minister.
10 October 1974
In the second general election of the year, the Labour Party under Harold Wilson moved from being a minority government to holding a majority of three.
5 April 1976
James Callaghan took on both the Prime Ministership and leadership of the Labour Party following the resignation of Harold Wilson .