Paul Joseph Goebbels

Standard Name: Goebbels, Paul Joseph


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Literary responses Alison Uttley
A child wrote to AU (about Hare Joins the Home Guard), Goebbels won't let the Nazis come now because Hare will stop them.
Judd, Denis. Alison Uttley. Michael Joseph, 1986.
politics Amabel Williams-Ellis
On this trip Williams-Ellis was denied an interview with Goebbels but spoke briefly with Dr Erbe of the Ministry of the Interior. She soon returned to Berlin on a second journey on behalf of other...
Textual Features Storm Jameson
Cousin Honoré is set in Alsace. It begins in December 1918 and moves on to depict the condition of France on the brink of World War II The narrative moves through several other time-periods before...


10 May 1933
Following a speech from Joseph Goebbels , over 40,000 people participated in burning books to cleanse German literature and root out Jewish intellectualism.
30 June 1937
Joseph Goebbels (Hitler 's propaganda minister) decreed that decadent art (created by Jews, Slavs, or Germans who for whatever reason were also deemed degenerate) should be weeded out from public and private collections in Germany.
March 1939
Nearly 5,000 works of art defined by Joseph Goebbels as decadent (painted by Jews, Slavs, or those deemed degenerate Germans) were burned outside the Fire Department in Berlin.
20 July 1944
High-ranking German officers made an unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Hitler at his headquarters.
30 April 1945
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun committed suicide as Russian troops captured the Reichstag in Berlin.
20 November 1945 - 1 October 1946
The first set of Nuremberg trials, called the Trial of the Major War Criminals, took place before the International Military Tribunal.