Victor Emmanuel II, King of Italy

Standard Name: Victor Emmanuel II,, King of Italy


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Family and Intimate relationships Ouida
Della Stufa, then gentleman-in-waiting to King Victor Emmanuel , was also involved with prominent (and married) society hostess Janet Ross .
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Initially Ouida got along well with Ross. She wrote to Richard...
politics Elizabeth Barrett Browning
EBB was again much involved in sympathy with Italian hopes for independence and liberal reform, while Garibaldi as military leader and Cavour as statesman orchestrated the campaign which in October 1860 made Victor Emmanuel II


24 March 1848
King Charles Albert of Piedmont declared war on Austria; the outcome was his abdication.
March 1849
Having been defeated by the Austrians at Novara, Charles Albert abdicated the throne of Piedmont; he was succeeded by Victor Emmanuel II .
October 1858
John Julius Reuter started providing a telegraph-based foreign news service to the LondonMorning Advertiser, beginning with a fortnight's free trial.
January 1860
Cavour was again made Prime Minister of Piedmont by Victor Emmanuel II .
16 April 1860
King Victor Emmanuel II made his triumphal entry into Florence.
May 1860
Garibaldi and 1,500 volunteers sailed from Genoa to Marsala, Sicily, where they occupied the town in the name of Victor Emmanuel II and raised the Italian tricolour flag.
October 1860
Garibaldi entered Naples; he then transferred power to Victor Emmanuel II , who was proclaimed ruler of the unified Kingdom of Italy.