Louisa Anne Meredith

Standard Name: Meredith, Louisa Anne
Birth Name: Louisa Anne Twamley
Married Name: Louisa Anne Meredith
Married Name: Mrs Charles Meredith
LAM began publishing in England during the 1830s. Motivated by a strong love of nature and later inspired by her surroundings in Tasmania (where she arrived in 1840), she produced a total of twenty-one books, sixteen of which appeared following her marriage and immigration to Australasia. Her oeuvre consists of three autobiographical travel narratives, six illustrated books of verse on botany and natural history, four books for children, a novels, two works of poetry, and a number of essays and poems published in periodicals. She contributed significantly to the understanding of Australia—its landscape, its people, and its emergent identity—in the Victorian British imagination.
Black and white, head-and-shoulders photograph of Louisa Anne Meredith. She wears a dress with puffed sleeves and a ruffled collar, all in a dark colour, and her hair falls down in dark ringlets.
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While deliberately selecting flowers for their aesthetic qualities, she expresses a wish for botany to become a subject as common in girls' schools as French and music.
Howe, Bea. Lady with Green Fingers. Country Life, 1961.
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A religiousnovel published this year with 1882 on its title-page, Nellie; or Seeking Goodly Pearls by Mrs Meredith, has been wrongly ascribed to Louisa Anne Meredith , but is actually by the Evangelical Christian Susanna Meredith .