George Lansbury

Standard Name: Lansbury, George


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Literary responses Victoria Cross
This novel was mentioned in the House of Commons debates concerning gender equity in pay: the Labour MP George Lansbury commended it as an extraordinary book.
Mitchell, Charlotte. Victoria Cross, 1868-1952: A Bibliography. Victorian Fiction Research Unit, School of English, Media Studies and Art History, The University of Queensland, 2002.
politics Sylvia Pankhurst
Beginning in 1912, and inspired by Keir Hardie 's dedication to the poor, SP directed her political efforts at improving conditions for Cockney or working women in London's East End; this commitment puzzled her...
politics Maude Royden
Others who attended this meeting were George Lansbury , Dr Henry Hodgkin , William Temple , and Leyton Richards . The FOR continues to exist today in Europe and in the United States. Historian...
politics Sylvia Townsend Warner
Critic Arnold Rattenbury feels that STW 's decision to join the Communist Party was the logical outcome of her earlier political choices, rather than a change of direction or feeling.
Rattenbury, Arnold. “How the sanity of poets can be edited away”. London Review of Books, pp. 15 -19.
She and Ackland were...


April 1892
Physical confrontation broke out at a meeting in St James's Hall, London, of supporters of women's franchise.
September 1911
The first issue of The Link, a weekly publication subtitled The Organ of the Women's Socialist Movement, was published in London.
15 April 1912
The Daily Herald, first newspaper of the Labour Party , was launched on capital of £200; it changed its title to the Herald and back again to the Daily Herald before expiring in 1964.
February 1913
The last issue of The Link: The Organ of the Women's Socialist Movement was published in London.
December 1914
A group of Christian pacifists including, among others, George Lansbury , Maude Royden , William Temple , Dr Henry Hodgkin , and Leyton Richards , held a meeting at Cambridge to found the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR ), an international organisation.
1 October 1935
At the Labour Party 's annual conference Ernest Bevin made a dramatic attack on the pacifist views of the leader, George Lansbury , who thereupon resigned.
22 May 1936
The Peace Pledge Union was founded by Canon Dick Sheppard .