Ernest Bevin

Standard Name: Bevin, Ernest


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Occupation Eleanor Rathbone
ER was the object of misogynistic attacks, personal and professional, throughout her parliamentary career. When she was absent from a House of Commons debate in June 1942, someone called A. McLaren commented, I see that...


1 October 1935
At the Labour Party 's annual conference Ernest Bevin made a dramatic attack on the pacifist views of the leader, George Lansbury , who thereupon resigned.
Ernest Bevin and Basil Dean established the Entertainments National Service Association (generally known as ENSA) to boost the morale of factory workers, allied servicemen, and civilians in underground air-raid shelters.
November 1940-January 1941
The Registration for Employment Order authorized Ernest Bevin , Minister of Labour, to require women aged between twenty and thirty-one to register at the Labour Exchange for war work.
Ernest Bevin began his Calling all Women campaign, urging women to join the Bevin Beauties.
March 1941
The Women's Consultative Committee was established to advise Minister of Labour Ernest Bevin on matters of policy affecting women.
26 July 1945
The postwar general election put the Labour Party in power with a landslide victory. Clement Attlee became Prime Minister; prominent in his Cabinet were Herbert Morrison , Ernest Bevin , Hugh Dalton , and Sir...
15 January 1948
The Anglo-Iraqi treaty signed at Portsmouth was described by Foreign Secretary Ernest Bevin as regularizing and expressing friendship between this country and the Arabic world.