William Temple

Standard Name: Temple, William,, 1881 - 1944


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politics Maude Royden
Others who attended this meeting were George Lansbury , Dr Henry Hodgkin , William Temple , and Leyton Richards . The FOR continues to exist today in Europe and in the United States. Historian...


January 1912
The Church League for Women's Suffrage began monthly publication in London.
December 1914
A group of Christian pacifists including, among others, George Lansbury , Maude Royden , William Temple , Dr Henry Hodgkin , and Leyton Richards , held a meeting at Cambridge to found the Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR ), an international organisation.
29 March 1917
The Life and Liberty Movement , founded and led by William Temple , met for the first time at St Martin's Vicarage in London.
March-April 1943
The Archbishop of Canterbury, William Temple , tried unsuccessfully to persuade the British government to assist persecuted Jews by giving them asylum in Britain.