Anne Marsh

Standard Name: Marsh, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Caldwell
Married Name: Anne Marsh
Self-constructed Name: Anne Marsh-Caldwell
Pseudonym: The Author of Two Old Men's Tales
Pseudonym: The Author of Emilia Wyndham
AM was highly esteemed in her day as a novelist (and author of tales which would today be called novellas or short stories) whose career spanned about twenty-five years of the mid-nineteenth century. It is now known that she also left remarkable unpublished letters and an autobiographical Narrative. She began writing for print fairly late in life; and took to writing novels after a mid-life crisis. She describes this decision, along with earlier memories, in her Narrative. She published without her name. Her identity seems to have been known to reviewers, who gave her highly favourable notices (especially at first) but her anonymity has caused confusion later.
Black and white photograph of a painting of Anne Marsh by Samuel Stillman Osgood, February 1836, framed by an oval border. She is wearing a dark dress; one of her hands reaches to touch the scooped neckline with gauzy fabric underneath. Her sleeves have small ruffles; her dark hair is pulled into a bun with a few loose curls framing her face.
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Marcet, Jane. “Introduction”. Chemistry in the Schoolroom: 1806, edited by Hazel Rossotti, AuthorHouse, 2006, p. i - xxi.
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Textual Production Julia Stretton
The future JS , as the author of Woman's Devotion, published Margaret and Her Bridesmaids, a three-volume novel which has sometimes been ascribed to Anne Marsh .
Athenæum. J. Lection.
1485 (1856): 458
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30 November 1824
A banker, Henry Fauntleroy , was hanged for forgery at Newgate Prison in London, before a crowd of 100,000. The bank he had worked for was that of Anne Marsh 's husband's family.
William Saunders and Edward John Otley established themselves as the lending-library and bookselling firm of Saunders and Otley at 50 Conduit Street, London.