Charles Maitland

Standard Name: Maitland, Charles


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Occupation Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
She had lost her brother to smallpox, and narrowly escaped herself. She probably went to Turkey primed with accounts which had reached the Royal Society in London of the Turkish practice of inoculation, and determined...
Occupation Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
This operation too was performed by Charles Maitland (a little reluctantly: he knew he was risking his professional career). At his request, official observers attended. One of these, James Keith , who had lost several...


17 June 1721
Newspapers reported the royal plan for an experiment as to the safety of inoculation against smallpox, to be conducted on inmates of Newgate Prison in London.
9 August 1721
Charles Maitland , under the patronage of Princess Caroline , experimentally inoculated six Newgate prisoners (three of each sex) against smallpox.