Martha Gellhorn

Standard Name: Gellhorn, Martha


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Family and Intimate relationships H. G. Wells
Wells wrote about characters who defied conventional morality. In his own life, he married twice, and had a busy extramarital sexual career. He writes about this himself in the second volume of his autobiography (published...
Family and Intimate relationships Nancy Mitford
Jessica , the sister who followed Unity in age, eloped in her teens with a still younger cousin who was off to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Nancy and her husband were despatched as...
Friends, Associates Sybille Bedford
SB said she grew up with very little knowledge of people her own age, and in friendships and love affairs tended to seek out those of at least ten years older than herself.
Bedford, Sybille. Quicksands. Counterpoint, 2005.
Friends, Associates Colette
Colette knew all the literary and intellectual world of Paris, including André Gide , Maurice Ravel , and Jean Cocteau . Martha Gellhorn was known to her as Marty.
Castle, Terry. “Yes you, sweetheart”. London Review of Books, pp. 3 - 8.
Colette,. Lettres à Sa Fille, 1916-1953. Jouvenel, Anne deEditor , Gallimard, 2003.
Natalie Barney shared...
Textual Features Sybille Bedford
Having just met Aldous Huxley , SB made her work what she called diluted Aldous Huxley—Aldous Huxley and plain water.
Bedford, Sybille. Jigsaw. Penguin, 1990.
What finally set her free from Huxley's influence, she later wrote, was probably the...


21 October 1940
US novelist Ernest Hemingway published his Spanish Civil War novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls, his biggest success since A Farewell to Arms in 1929.
6 June 1944
On this day, known as D-Day (and postponed a day because of bad weather), 155,000 Allied troops landed in Normandy. The airborne armada, nine planes wide and stretching for 200 miles, carried British, Canadian...
October 1947
Martha Gellhorn published in New Republica magisterial condemnation of McCarthy ism and its implications in the USA.
September 1966
Martha Gellhorn published in The Guardian (formerly the Manchester Guardian) six articles about the civilian angle in the Vietnam War: at that time something no one had thought to cover.
Fox, Lorna Scott. “No Intention of Retreating”. London Review of Books, pp. 26 - 8.