Jessica Mitford

Standard Name: Mitford, Jessica


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Cultural formation Nancy Mitford
NM was born into an upper-class English family and grew up in the Cotswolds. Much of her youth was spent living the privileged life of a young woman of her background. From the time that...
Education J. K. Rowling
Formative early reading included Richard Scarry and Kenneth Grahame 's The Wind in the Willows. Joanne Rowling did not care for Enid Blyton as a young child but acquired a taste for her later...
Family and Intimate relationships Nancy Mitford
Jessica , the sister who followed Unity in age, eloped in her teens with a still younger cousin who was off to fight in the Spanish Civil War. Nancy and her husband were despatched as...
Family and Intimate relationships J. K. Rowling
Joanne Rowling bore her first child, a daughter, in Porto and named her Jessica (after Jessica Mitford , she says).
Smith, Sean. J. K. Rowling. A Biography. Arrow.
Health Nancy Mitford
At the end of 1968 (not long before Palewski 's marriage), NM began to suffer from intense pain in her back and legs, which continued until her death; the symptoms were finally diagnosed as Hodgkin's...


By early October 1963: Jessica Mitford published The American Way...

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By early October 1963

Jessica Mitford published The American Way of Death, a satirical work of social analysis. It opens by quoting an advertisement for shoes suitable for a successful man to be buried in.
TLS Centenary Archive Centenary Archive [1902-2012].
3214 (4 October 1963): 790

September 1966: Martha Gellhorn published in The Guardian...

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September 1966

Martha Gellhorn published in The Guardian (formerly the Manchester Guardian) six articles about the civilian angle in the Vietnam War: at that time something no one had thought to cover.
Fox, Lorna Scott. “No Intention of Retreating”. London Review of Books, pp. 26-8.

23 July 1996: The English writer Jessica Mitford died in...

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23 July 1996

The English writer Jessica Mitford died in Oakland, California, a state whose burial customs she had satirised in her best-known book, The American Way of Death, 1963. She had left instructions for a frugal...


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