Anne Halkett

Standard Name: Halkett, Anne
Birth Name: Anne Murray
Married Name: Anne Halkett
Titled: Anne, Lady Halkett
Indexed Name: Lady Halket
AH wrote voluminously: a lost diary, a book of advice for boys, and various religious genres such as meditations or essays, often with political implications. She is best known as a down-to-earth or even worldly autobiographer or memoirist.
Colour photograph of a mannequin representing Anne Halkett, sitting at a desk writing, dressed in black with white cap, collar, and cuffs. The picture was taken at the heritage centre (since 2015 struggling for financial support) in Abbot House, Dunfermline, the oldest building in the town where Halkett spent her last three decades.
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By September 1887
William Walker published at AberdeenThe Bards of Bon-Accord, 1375-1860, a history of poetry in Aberdeenshire, which had already appeared serially in the Herald and Weekly Free Press.
The volume is dated from...