Dion Boucicault

Standard Name: Boucicault, Dion
Birth Name: Dionysius Lardner Boursiquot
Self-constructed Name: Dion Boucicault
Used Form: Dionysius Lardner Boucicault


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Family and Intimate relationships Muriel Box
One of Gardiner's great-grandfathers was the Victorian author Dionysius Lardner , who extramaritally fathered Dionysius Lardner Boursiquot, better known as playwright Dion Boucicault . His family had strong links with the theatre.
Box, Muriel. Odd Woman Out. Leslie Frewin, 1974.
Box, Muriel. Rebel Advocate. Victor Gollancz, 1983.
195, 201, 18ff
Friends, Associates Emily Faithfull
EF 's circle of literary friends included Oliver Wendell Holmes , Joaquin Miller , James Russell Lowell , and Walt Whitman .
Stone, James S. Emily Faithfull: Victorian Champion of Women’s Rights. P. D. Meany, 1994.
She also made the acquaintance of many actors and actresses, including Henry Irving
Performance of text Elizabeth Baker
EB wrote this and her later plays while in full-time employment. It and the other Court Theatre productions were put on by the Play Actors society. Chains was revived in 1910 by Dion Boucicault at...
Publishing Mary Elizabeth Braddon
MEB published in the Halfpenny Journal, anonymously, The Octoroon; or, The Lily of Louisiana, timed to coincide with and said to be influenced by a similarly-titled play by Boucicault .
Braddon, Mary Elizabeth. “Introduction”. The Octoroon; or, The Lily of Louisiana, edited by Jennifer Carnell, Sensation Press, 1999, p. vii - xvii.
front matter, xiv
Textual Features May Laffan
The story also tangentially addresses Irish nationalism. The play that Flitters and the Counsellor attend is The Shaughraun, a melodrama by Dion Boucicault about a Fenian fugitive. The two children cheer to the echo...
Textual Production Ellen Wood
Claiming to have written the story for one of the once fashionable race of Annuals, now extinct,
“The Times Digital Archive 1785-2007”. Thompson Gale: The Times Digital Archive.
(25 October 1871): 6
and having intended to expand and republish it as a three-volume novel, Norton


Gerald Griffin published his novelThe Collegians (which was later used by Dion Boucicault as source for his play The Colleen Bawn; or, The Brides of Garryowen, October 1860).
March 1841
The young Dionysius Lardner Boucicault 's London Assurance was staged at Covent Garden by Charles James Mathews and Madame Vestris .
22 February 1858
Dion Boucicault 's Jessie Brown; or The Relief of Lucknow was first performed at Wallack's Theatre , New York.
October 1860
Dion Boucicault 's The Colleen Bawn; or, The Brides of Garryowen opened at the Adelphi Theatre .
18 November 1861
The English production of Dion Boucicault 's The Octoroon, or Life in Louisiana opened at the Adelphi Theatre , London.
2 October 1862
Dion Boucicault wrote to The Times pointing out the widely varying rents for West End theatres.
14 November 1874
Dion Boucicault 's The Shaughraun opened at Wallack's Theatre in New York.