Frederic Harrison

Standard Name: Harrison, Frederic


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Intertextuality and Influence George Eliot
She had begun writing it in a highly charged political atmosphere in March 1865, a few months before a hotly-contested general election and in the lead-up to the Second Reform Bill of 1867. As her...
Literary responses Harriet Martineau
Comte himself was so impressed by her work that he had it translated into French and substituted for his own original in the Positivist Library, his personal selection of the 270 great books worthy...
Literary responses Louisa Catherine Shore
The reviews of this work were encouraging. The Athenæum commended it as the work of a true poet, though it faulted the touch of feminine exclamation in the use of Oh and argued that the...
Occupation Sarah Grand
In London, SG volunteered every Thursday night at the Girls' Guild run by Ethel Bertha Harrison (Mrs Frederic Harrison, who was like her husband a positivist and a writer, and who later took an anti-suffrage...
Publishing Matilda Betham-Edwards
It was issued in the Oxford World's Classics series with an introduction by Frederic Harrison in 1913.
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Textual Features Mathilde Blind
The opening narrative poem, which draws inspiration from her visit to Scotland in 1873, is 65 pages long. In legend St Oran was an associate of St Columba, one of the group of monks who...
Textual Production Louisa Catherine Shore
A volume of LCS 's Poems appeared posthumously with a memoir by her surviving sister and an appreciation by Frederic Harrison .
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