T. H. White

Standard Name: White, T. H.


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Friends, Associates Pamela Frankau
PF became well known to many more in this and later literary generations, not a few of them through G. B. Stern: Lady Colefax , editor Sidney Dark , and novelist Louis Bromfield . During...
Friends, Associates Kathleen Raine
KR felt she was an outsider at Cambridge because she did not come from the upper or upper-middle classes, and because many of her friends there were also outsiders for various reasons. However, they did...
Literary responses Sylvia Townsend Warner
Critics concurred that the collection deserved celebration, and that STW was a wise as well as an able writer. Times Literary Supplement reviewer Gabriele Annan found the book an attack on accepted thinking, and was...
Material Conditions of Writing Sylvia Townsend Warner
The stories, most of them previously published in the New Yorker, were written while STW was working on her biography of T. H. White . The collection was published the same year in New...
Material Conditions of Writing Sylvia Townsend Warner
STW wrote these stories in a state of exhaustion, immediately after completing her biography of T. H. White .
Harman, Claire. Sylvia Townsend Warner: A Biography. Chatto and Windus, 1989.
Textual Features Rosemary Sutcliff
She does not, therefore, put her own idiosyncratic stamp on the stories in the manner of T. H. White (author of The Once and Future King, 1958, whose opening volume, The Sword in the...
Textual Production Freya Stark
In Such Good Friends and Friends of a Lifetime, Sir Sydney Cockerell published a selection of letters from his (mostly famous) associates; according to critics, among the best were those written by G. B. Shaw
Textual Production Mary Stewart
Although not at first intending to write a sequel to The Crystal Cave and thereby tread on the same ground as T. H. White in his magnificent novel The Sword in the Stone,MS
Textual Production Sylvia Townsend Warner
STW published T. H. White : A Biography—the life of a writer whom she admired, but had never met before beginning work on the project.
Harman, Claire. Sylvia Townsend Warner: A Biography. Chatto and Windus, 1989.


By 3 March 1470
Sir Thomas Malory , a political prisoner in London, most probably in the Tower, finished compiling and writing his collection of legendaryArthurian romances, Le Morte d'Arthur.
17 June 1938
T. H. White published, as a book for children, The Sword in the Stone, about the childhood of King Arthur (known here as the Wart).