George Butler

Standard Name: Butler, George,, 1819 - 1890


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death Josephine Butler
JB 's son George , with whom she had had a strained relationship for several years, was put in charge of final arrangements. According to one source, he deliberately delayed informing many of his mother's...
Dedications Josephine Butler
Two years after her husband's death, JB published her Recollections of George Butler, dedicated to her children and grandchildren.
Petrie, Glen. A Singular Iniquity: The Campaigns of Josephine Butler. Macmillan, 1971.
Family and Intimate relationships Josephine Butler
In 1857 JB 's husband, George Butler became vice-principal of Cheltenham College , a public (fee-paying) secondary school for boys.
Butler, Arthur Stanley George. Portrait of Josephine Butler. Faber and Faber, 1954.
Family and Intimate relationships Josephine Butler
In June 1870 JB 's husband, George Butler , joined her at one such lecture at Chatham in Monmouthshire and spoke publicly to voice his support for his wife's activities. A member of the audience...
Family and Intimate relationships Josephine Butler
Glen Petrie notes that throughout Butler's campaigns and struggles, her husband had remained constant and unswerving in his support and devotion. Petrie notes that as her domestic mainstay, George was tireless, waiting to meet her...
Family and Intimate relationships Josephine Butler
Exactly one year from the date of her engagement, Josephine Grey married George Butler at Dilston.
Jordan, Jane. Josephine Butler. John Murray, 2001.
Butler, Josephine. “Times: Obituary Notice of Mrs. Butler”. Personal Reminiscences of a Great Crusade, Hyperion Press, 1989, p. vii - x.
Family and Intimate relationships Josephine Butler
JB 's husband, Canon George Butler , died.
Kelly, Gary, and Edd Applegate, editors. Dictionary of Literary Biography 190. Gale Research, 1998.
190: 71
Jordan, Jane. Josephine Butler. John Murray, 2001.
Family and Intimate relationships Josephine Butler
Sources on Butler's life agree that she and her husband shared a most unusual relationship. According to one biographer, George Butler was a man of quite remarkable ability and power, who could have made a...
Occupation Josephine Butler
The year that witnessed the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts (in April), also saw JB 's ostensible retirement from public life, in part to care for her ailing husband .
Hay-Cooper, L. Josephine Butler and her Work for Social Purity. Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1922.
politics Josephine Butler
Their relocation was, however, only partly due to consideration for her health. One scholar notes that during their residence at Oxford, in a community dominated by distinguished intellectuals [JB ] was merely the wife...
Residence Josephine Butler
JB and her family moved to Liverpool, where her husband became principal of Liverpool College (like Cheltenham, a public secondary school for boys). This move allowed her to expand the scope of her activities...
Textual Features Josephine Butler
They were requested to produce this work by the Ladies' National Association for the Abolition of Government Regulation of Vice . It is primarily autobiographical since the Johnsons largely compiled it from her own publications:...
Travel Josephine Butler
Together, JB and her husband travelled to Italy, Switzerland, and France, before George's failing health compelled them to return home.
Butler, Josephine. Recollections of George Butler. J. W. Arrowsmith, 1892.
Travel Josephine Butler
Accompanied by her son Stanley and later by her husband , other children, and James Stuart , JB left for Europe to study the regulation of vice in France, Italy, and Switzerland.
Butler, Josephine, and James Stuart. Josephine E. Butler: An Autobiographical Memoir. Johnson, George W. and Lucy A. JohnsonEditors , J. W. Arrowsmith, 1928.
Stuart, James, Josephine Butler, and James Stuart. “Preface and Editorial Materials”. Josephine E. Butler: An Autobiographical Memoir, edited by George W. Johnson and Lucy A. Johnson, J. W. Arrowsmith, 1928, p. v - vii; various pages.
Jordan, Jane. Josephine Butler. John Murray, 2001.
Wealth and Poverty Josephine Butler
George Butler , husband of JB , publicly announced his retirement. Though both he and his wife desired this respite for him, it left their financial situation somewhat precarious.
Jordan, Jane. Josephine Butler. John Murray, 2001.


This year prominent reformer Ellice Hopkins published a sex-education book, On the Early Training of Girls and Boys, successfully introduced the topic of the sexual double standard at the Derby Church Congress , and...