Ellice Hopkins

Standard Name: Hopkins, Ellice


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The Metropolitan Association for Befriending Young Servants , a social purity group which worked with workhouse girls, adopted the ideas of reformer Ellice Hopkins .
Inspired by Ellice Hopkins ' work, Mary Steer founded the Bridge of Hope Mission in the infamous Ratcliff Highway district of London.
November 1879
Ellice Hopkins founded the Friendless Girls Association in Plymouth.
Social reformer and purity activist Ellice Hopkins operated a working-men's mission in a custom-built hall at Barnwell, near Cambridge.
2 August 1880
The so-called Ellice Hopkins Act, an Industrial Schools Act, provided for the separation of prostitutes from their children. The act applied to Britain and Ireland.
This year prominent reformer Ellice Hopkins published a sex-education book, On the Early Training of Girls and Boys, successfully introduced the topic of the sexual double standard at the Derby Church Congress , and...
After February 1883
The White Cross Army , a chastity society, was founded.
By this time, Ellice Hopkins ' Ladies' Association for the Care of the Lost had branches in 85 towns.
13 May 1886
The National Association for the Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts held its last meeting. It considered its work completed following the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts.
Ellice Hopkins published The Power of Womanhood, detailing the facts of life, and promoting the respectful treatment of wives and mothers.