Magdalen Hospital


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Literary responses Catharine Macaulay
D'Eon, whom Macaulay respected, was sometimes linked with her as a fellow learned lady by those who thought him to be female. On June 6, 1771 the Public Advertiser carried a spoof report that CM
Textual Production Phebe Gibbes
A work by the author of Lady Louisa Stroud (that is PG ) entitled Modern Seduction, or Innocence Betrayed purported to be a group biography of women in the Magdalen Hospital , but is probably...
Wealth and Poverty Henrietta Maria Bowdler
Elizabeth Stuart Bowdler left her daughter Henrietta Maria her sole executor and residuary legatee. To Harriet fell, therefore, the distribution of legacies: two hundred pounds for herself, thirty for each of her siblings, a year's...


An appeal to raise funds to institute a Magdalen Hospital in London (for prostitutes wishing to reform) netted £5000 in a few months.
10 August 1758
The Magdalen Hospital (for fallen women) opened in Prescot Street, London, after a considerable campaign to influence public opinion.
After April 1763
Martin Madan published An Account of the Triumphant Death of F. S. a Converted Prostitute, who had supposedly died recently at the age of twenty-six.
The Order of the Good Shepherd Sisters arrived in Ireland, and the first Magdalene Asylums were established.