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Publishing Arnold Bennett
Having begun as a journalist, AB remained one until the end of his career. In New York at the end of 1911, he sold essays and serials to periodicals ther..
Drabble, Margaret. Arnold Bennett. Knopf, 1974.
During the first world...
Textual Production Vera Brittain
Successive Letters in the series went out to subscribers every fortnight, and they continued to appear until the end of 1946. After the first two months the minimum levelled out at about two thousand. The...


29 June 1754
In Cabinet the Duke of Newcastle for the first time enunciated the imperial idea as regards North America and the French presence there.
18 January 1762
Spain declared war on Britain, in advance of its secret promise in the Family Compact to do so.
23 February 1820
In the Cato Street Conspiracy, a group of revolutionaries picked this day to assassinate members of the Cabinet at a private dinner; the plot failed.
July 1962
In a surprise move later called the night of the long knives, Prime Minister Harold Macmillan replaced a third of his Cabinet .