British Vigilance Association


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Occupation John Oliver Hobbes
Hobbes volunteered for a number of causes, giving talks in honour of friends, at universities, and for charitable and political causes. After her return from the USA in 1906, she gave talks at the Imperial Industries Club
politics Millicent Garrett Fawcett
For many years, MGF was active in the National Vigilance Association (also known as the Vigilance Society ), which was formed in 1881 with a view to protecting young girls of thirteen and over from...
politics Henrietta Müller
During and after her time with the London School Board , HM was also a member of the National Vigilance Association or NVA and the Personal Rights Association or PRA, which both campaigned against the...
politics Henrietta Müller
She resigned from the NVA in 1888. She had been on the executive and legal sub-committee, but disagreed with its characterization of birth-control pamphlets as vicious literature as well as its zeal for closing brothels.
Bland, Lucy. Banishing the Beast: Sexuality and the Early Feminists. New Press, 1995.
politics Jessie Boucherett
By around 1875, JB became active with the Vigilance Association for the Defence of Personal Rights (later renamed the Personal Rights Association), which had been founded in March 1871 to press for women's rights in...
politics Josephine Butler
JB was later one of the original members of the National Vigilance Association , an organization founded in August 1885 with the aim of protecting England's youth. However, she gradually became disenchanted with the vigilance...
politics Laura Ormiston Chant
In addition to her other political activities, Chant was heavily involved in the activities of the National Vigilance Association . She edited its journal, the Vigilance Record, and took a leading role (alongside Millicent Garrett Fawcett
Textual Production Laura Ormiston Chant
Chant was the long-time editor of the Vigilance Record, the journal of the National Vigilance Association , which began publication in 1887. She contributed pieces to it that included a column titled Amused London...


From March 1871
The Vigilance Association for the Defence of Personal Rights, especially in relation to Women , founded this month, advocated equality of legal treatment for citizens regardless of sex or class.
August 1885
The most powerful social purity organization, the National Vigilance Association , was founded.
13 May 1886
The National Association for the Repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts held its last meeting. It considered its work completed following the repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts.
28 August 1887
The BritishNational Vigilance Association supported the hiring of female officers to care for female prisoners.
The National Vigilance Association brought a successful case against Henry Vizetelly for publishing English translations of Émile Zola .