Fleet Prison


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Family and Intimate relationships Harriette Wilson
HW first encountered, walking by night in a romantically furtive manner, a man who proved to be William Henry Rochfort , an Irish colonel, out without leave from the Fleet Prison , where he was...
Family and Intimate relationships Harriette Wilson
HW and William Henry Rochfort announced that they had been married in the Fleet Prison in London.
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber, 2003.
Family and Intimate relationships Delarivier Manley
DM was introduced by Catharine Trotter to John Tilly , governor of the Fleet Prison ; he became her first long-term lover, with whom she stayed till December 1702.
Ballaster, Ros. “Early Women Writers: Lives and Times. Delarivier Manley (c. 1663-1724)”. The Female Spectator (1995-), No. 1, pp. 2 - 5.
Family and Intimate relationships Leah Sumbel
The actress Mary Wells became LS when, in the Fleet Prison in London, she married her second husband, Joseph Haim Sumbel , a Moroccan Jew educated in France.
Highfill, Philip H., Kalman A. Burnim, and Edward A. Langhans. A Biographical Dictionary of Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Dancers, Managers and Other Stage Personnel in London, 1660-1800. Southern Illinois University Press, 1993.
Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
ESG , in the Fleet Prison , dated the preface to An Appeal to the Public, to which she signed her full name: Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real Gooch.
English Short Title Catalogue.
Material Conditions of Writing Elizabeth Thomas
The first volume in its first edition cost five shillings.
Mills, Rebecca. "Thanks for that Elegant Defense": Polemical Prose and Poetry by Women in the Early Eighteenth Century. Oxford University, 2000.
The work consists chiefly of familiar letters with poems interspersed. The extended title, however, Pylades and Corinna: or, Memoirs of the Lives, Amours, and...
Other Life Event Lady Eleanor Douglas
LED spent her last period of imprisonment—this time in the Fleet —writing as usual.
Douglas, Lady Eleanor. Prophetic Writings of Lady Eleanor Davies. Cope, Esther S.Editor , Oxford University Press, 1995.
politics Rose Hickman
The Marian government sometimes confiscated goods from Anthony Hickman 's ships. After it made attendance at Roman Catholic Mass compulsory in 1554, he began smuggling Protestant preachers abroad. Then he and his business partner Thomas Locke
Reception Harriette Wilson
The Memoirs immediately produced extraordinary sensations in fashionable life,
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber, 2003.
with anguished responses from ex-lovers and moralists, as well as from people in the book trade and people in HW 's own sex trade. Crowds...
Textual Production Harriette Wilson
Stockdale the publisher, newly released from the Fleet and operating from a new address in St James's Square, issued a scandal series, Stockdale's Budget, which some attributed to HW .
Wilson, Frances. The Courtesan’s Revenge. Faber, 2003.
Textual Production Elizabeth Thomas
Despite the thirty-pound offer, when ET copied out her poems for this publication (as she explained to Lord Oxford years later), she was counting only on two guineas from Curll for the copyright, which is...
Wealth and Poverty Annie Tinsley
After losing money on her first publication, Annie Turner was arrested for debt—although she was still in her teens, and could not be held legally responsible for her debts till she reached the age of...
Wealth and Poverty Eliza Fenwick
EF 's husband , many times threatened with arrest for debt, went bankrupt and was confined in the Fleet Prison .
Grundy, Isobel, and Eliza Fenwick. “Introduction and Appendices”. Secresy, 2ndnd ed, Broadview, 1998, pp. 7 - 34, 361.
Wealth and Poverty Elizabeth Sarah Gooch
Despite her efforts on the provincial stage, she was re-arrested for debt and sent first to the Marshalsea and then to the Fleet Prison in London.
Major, Joanne, and Sarah Murden. “Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real—Mrs Gooch”. All Things Georgian.
Gooch, Elizabeth Sarah. An Appeal to the Public. G. Kearsley, 1788.
This was precipitated in part by her...
Wealth and Poverty Mary Robinson
MR 's husband was arrested for debt (some of which predated his marriage); she accompanied him to the Fleet Prison , and did not leave it for almost ten months.
Robinson, Mary. “Introduction”. Perdita: The Memoirs of Mary Robinson, edited by Moses Joseph Levy, Peter Owen, 1994.
Robinson, Mary. Perdita: The Memoirs of Mary Robinson. Levy, Moses JosephEditor , Peter Owen, 1994.


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