Elizabeth Sarah Gooch

Standard Name: Gooch, Elizabeth Sarah
Birth Name: Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real
Indexed Name: Elizabeth Sarah Real
Married Name: Sarah Elizabeth Gooch
Indexed Name: Mrs Gooch
Indexed Name: Elizabeth Sarah Goortz
Indexed Name: Elizabeth Sarah Villa-Real Gooch
ESG 's writing career began in the later eighteenth century with a sizeable pamphlet justifying her role in the quarrel with her estranged husband which had landed her in debtors' prison. From this she moved on to further life-writing (courtesan autobiography), published poetry, further works which blend autobiography with fiction and essay-type material, and finally to sentimental novels. Self-vindication and the need for money were her chief motives, but she has a real gift for expressing both mood and argument. Reviewers gradually shifted over the course of her career from sympathy to contempt.


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Friends, Associates Leah Sumbel
Mary Wells (later LS ) drew her female friends from both the theatre and the demi-monde: they included Elizabeth Sarah Gooch and Mary Robinson , as well as the highly respectable Elizabeth Inchbald .
Textual Production Barbarina Brand, Baroness Dacre
Petrarch enjoyed great popularity in England at this time, in large part owing to the scholarly work of Susannah Dobson . Other poets channelled his voice (like Charlotte Smith, Anne Bannerman, Ann Yearsley, and Mary...


June 1787: Thomas Bellamy launched The General Magazine...

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June 1787

Thomas Bellamy launched The General Magazine and Impartial Review, which continued with variations in subtitle until December 1792.


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