Gaiety Theatre


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Performance of text Isabella Neil Harwood
Isabella Harwood 's last play to be produced, a revised version of the earlier Inez now titled Loyal Love, premiered at the Gaiety Theatre in London, at 8:30 p.m. This initial production ran...
Performance of text George Paston
Annie Horniman gave this play two successful revivals in Manchester: at the Midland Hotel Theatre in October 1907, and at the Gaiety Theatre in 1908, where its proceeds guaranteed the season's financial success.
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16 July 1883
American singer and actress Lillian Russell made her London debut in Edward Solomon 's Victoria and Paul or Changing the Rings, at the Gaiety Theatre .
George Edwardes took over the management of the Gaiety Theatre in London.
A Gaiety Girl by Sidney Jones and Owen Hall , the first play to be described as a musical comedy, ran at the Gaiety Theatre in London.