Local Education Authorities


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Travel Charlotte Despard
CD travelled to Canada in 1902 to see for herself the condition of the street boys from Lambeth who had been sent there by Dr Barnardo's .When Local Education Authorities were set up in Britain...


The Women's Local Government Society campaigned against the establishment of the new Local Education Authorities from which women would be excluded; the campaign resulted in the decision to allow women to be appointed directly to...
18 December 1902
Balfour 's Education Act was passed; it dissolved the School Boards and replaced them with Local Education Authorities , which were empowered to provide secondary education.
8 August 1918
Fisher 's Education Act passed: among other reforms it modified the system of grants, abolished fees for elementary schools, and empowered Local Education Authorities to raise the upper age limit of compulsory education to fifteen...
From 1920
The Ministry of Education instituted a scheme of state studentships: grants for university education based on the student's results in Higher School Certificate (including special scholarship papers).
From 1945
The principle became increasingly established that any student gaining a university place would be granted a state studentship from their Local Education Authority .
Following the recommendations of the Anderson Report, a national scheme operated by Local Education Authorities supplied grants for all university students, subject to means testing.
23 October 1963
The report of the Robbins Committee on Higher Education (recommending the establishment of new universities in Britain) was accepted by the new Prime Minister, Sir Alec Douglas Home .
January 1965
The Labour government decided on urging, but not compelling, Local Education Authorities to introduce comprehensive secondary schools, ending selection at eleven-plus.
The Education (Handicapped Children) Act made Local Education Authorities responsible for the education of all children: no child, no matter how severely handicapped, was to be classed as ineducable.
30 June 1970
Margaret Thatcher , soon after taking office as Minister of Education (Conservative), gave Local Education Authorities freedom to halt or reverse progress towards comprehensive schools.