Allan Wingate


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Employer Diana Athill
An ex-pacifist when the second world war broke out, DA recoiled from joining the forces or undertaking other war work, but eventually got an office job (the merest fetching and carrying) with the BBC at...
Publishing Muriel Spark
Her recently discarded boyfriend, Howard Sergeant , annoyed her by planning a simultaneous, rival Wordsworth book. Tribute to Wordsworth was published by André Deutsch , who was then working for Allan Wingate . MS
Textual Features Diana Athill
Part one is the story of the publishing houses that DA worked with. She begins by explaining that business figures (which someone had mentioned as the key to an interesting book about publishing) would not...
Textual Features Theodora Benson
In 1951 TB returned to partnership with Bentley though not with Askwith in a different treatment of famous people, London Immortals in Allan Wingate 's The Londoners' Library series. This goes through London street by...


Late 1945
André Deutsch established the publishing firm Allan Wingate in Great Cumberland Street, London.
André Deutsch , with the help of Jack Newth (president of the Publishers Association ) and Edmond Seagrave (editor of Bookseller), founded André Deutsch Limited at 12 Thayer Street, London.