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Anthologization Carol Shields
CS began writing as a child, and her parents were excited when she got herself published in her highschool newspaper. At this stage she used to say she would one day publish a novel, but...
Family and Intimate relationships Frances Burney
Esther or Hetty, whose responsible character matched her position as eldest of the family, was born a month before her parents married. Her illegitimate birth was a never-mentioned family secret. She married her cousin Charles Rousseau Burney
Leisure and Society Jane Austen
In 2009 another scholarly furore greeted the Juvenilia Press edition of Austen's History of England by Annette Upfal and Christine Alexander . The editors argued (here and in an article) that Cassandra Austen's tiny sketches...
Publishing Anna Maria Porter
The first volume had a frontispiece designed by AMP 's brother R. K. Porter . The epigraph came from the introduction to Gay 's Fables (1727) : From objects most minute and mean, / A...
Publishing Maria Edgeworth
She had already begun and abandoned one comedy and one tragedy.
Butler, Marilyn. Maria Edgeworth: A Literary Biography. Clarendon, 1972.
The Double Disguise, was published in a Juvenilia Press edition in 2014, edited by Christine Alexander and Ryan Twomey , who identified...
Publishing George Eliot
A notebook surviving from GE 's schooldays contains (besides such items as poems copied from annuals) an essay on Affectation and Conceit, which sketches the character of a vain woman in a tone of...
Publishing Margaret Laurence
As a child and teenager, Margaret Wemyss (later ML ) was constantly writing stories and poems. She destroyed most of this writing (of which her aunt/stepmother, Margaret Wemyss , was both an inspiration and a...
Textual Features Anna Maria Porter
The new Juvenilia Press edition, like the original first volume, contains five stories: Sir Alfred; or, The Baleful Tower, The Daughters of Glandour, The Noble Courtezan, The Children of Fauconbridge, and...
Textual Production Margaret Atwood
At five years old MA put together a little book of  poems (some discovered, some composed) entitled Rhyming Cats. Also as a child, she says, she wrote a kind of science fiction set in outlandish...
Textual Production Sarah Fyge
The full title is The Female Advocate: or, An Answer to a Late Satyr against the Pride, Lust and Inconstancy &c. of Woman; the title-page ascribes it to a Lady in Vindication of her...
Textual Production Philip Larkin
The Juvenilia Press produced in 2002 an edition of Incidents from Phippy's Schooldays, PL 's mock boys'-school story (hard to date, but evidently written in the later 1930s during the rise of the Fascists


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