Edith Picton-Turbervill

Standard Name: Picton-Turbervill, Edith


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death Maude Royden
In the days and months after her death, many of MR 's friends and colleagues wrote loving remembrances of her in the Times. Friend and fellow suffragist Kathleen Courtney wrote, It is for her...
Friends, Associates Maude Royden
Through her work to raise the status and opportunities of women in the Anglican ministry, MR not only formed a working friendship with Susan Miles , but also (in 1912 or 1913) met Edith Picton-Turbervill


1 December 1919: Nancy, Lady Astor (Conservative and Unionist...

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1 December 1919

Nancy, Lady Astor (Conservative and Unionist Party ), became the first woman Member of Parliament to sit in the House of Commons .


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