William Earl Johns

Standard Name: Johns, William Earl
Used Form: W. E. Johns


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Education Alison Fell
AF later remembered her childhood, at home, as full of beatings and beltings. This made her into a fanatic for justice and equality, though she felt it might equally easily have produced a working-class fascist...
Education Dervla Murphy
DM was a passionate reader as a child, devouring children's adventure books (especially series like W. E. Johns 's Biggles and Arthur Ransome 's Swallows and Amazons), rejecting classical stories like those of Louisa Alcott


1941: William Earl Johns, author of popular boys'...

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William Earl Johns , author of popular boys' adventure books about an airman called Biggles, introduced his female equivalent: Worrals of the W.A.A.F.


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