Henry Kissinger

Standard Name: Kissinger, Henry


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Characters Muriel Spark
Closely modelled on the Watergate scandal of June 1972, this present-tense novel explores the Machiavellian political cunning of the recently appointed Abbess Alexandra, the Richard Nixon figure. Norman Page calls the highly mobile negotiator Sister...


February 1972: US President Richard Nixon took the remarkable...

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February 1972

US President Richard Nixon took the remarkable step of visiting Beijing with Henry Kissinger for discussions with Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse-Tung , restoring relations between China and the USA.

March 1973: Official US troop withdrawals from Vietnam...

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March 1973

Official US troop withdrawals from Vietnam followed on the signing of a cease-fire on 23 January.

7 December 1975: Indonesia under President Suharto invaded...

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7 December 1975

Indonesia under President Suharto invaded East Timor, one day after this move was approved by US President Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger .


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