Thomas Cromwell

Standard Name: Cromwell, Thomas
Used Form: Thomas Cromwell, first Earl of Essex


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Family and Intimate relationships Queen Elizabeth I
Historians differ about Anne. George Bernard thinks she was frivolous and fashionable, and may have been to some degree guilty as charged. On the other hand her biographer Eric Ives calls her the most influential...
Family and Intimate relationships Anne Locke
Anne's father, Stephen Vaughan , was a London merchant adventurer with strong ties to the court of Henry VIII . He served as government agent in the Netherlands for Thomas Cromwell . He was a...
Occupation Mary More
MM was a portrait-painter and copyist, who left paintings in her family. The only one of her visual works known to survive, heavily retouched, hangs in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It was thought to...
Textual Production Hilary Mantel
HM 's next novel, Wolf Hall, appeared, fictionalising part of the life of the sixteenth-century lawyer and politicianThomas Cromwell .It was later picked as winner of this year's Man Booker Prize.
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Textual Production Hilary Mantel
HM followed Wolf Hall with a second historicalnovel about Thomas Cromwell : Bring Up the Bodies.
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Theme or Topic Treated in Text Hilary Mantel
She begins with Anne as vehicle for the fantasies of later generations: the way that she herself as a small child was regaled by a nun with the idea that but for this depraved woman...


1538: The first step was taken towards parish registers...

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The first step was taken towards parish registers and population records when Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex , ordered priests in every parish to keep a weekly record of baptisms, marriages, and deaths occurring within...


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