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Anthologization George Egerton
GE 's A Little Grey Glove, written in 1893, is included by Harold Orel in Victorian Short Stories 2: The Trials of Love, 1990, and by Kate Flint in Victorian Love Stories: An Oxford Anthology, 1996.
OCLC WorldCat.
Anthologization Christina Fraser-Tytler
Aside from the title story, this volume contains Forty Years Ago, A Sea-Side Story, Harold's Wife, and Margaret. The last of these stories was reproduced in Kate Flint 's 1996 anthology Victorian Love Stories.
OCLC WorldCat.
Flint, Kate, editor. Victorian Love Stories. Oxford University Press, 1996.
Anthologization Flora Annie Steel
From this Kate Flint selected Uma Himãvutee to include in Victorian Love Stories, 1996.
Literary responses Dorothy Boulger
Kate Flint in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography calls this a stilted historical romance.
Matthew, Henry Colin Gray, Brian Harrison, and Lawrence Goldman, editors. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.
Literary responses Rhoda Broughton
Critic Kate Flint , in an entry on RB for the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, describes her style as notable for its directness of tone. She often uses a first-person narrator, who addresses...
Literary responses Mary Angela Dickens
Kate Flint has claimed the story is a justifiably angry feminist polemic against men who seduce women and then try to argue their way out of it.
Flint, Kate, editor. “Introduction”. Victorian Love Stories: An Oxford Anthology, Oxford University Press, 1996, p. vii - vix.
Harriet Devine Jump sees MAD as participating...
Literary responses George Paston
Scholar Kate Flint in the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography calls GP 's Times obituary a remarkably strong anti-feminist polemic, which takes the view that Paston's outmoded stress on women's issues was responsible for her...
Literary responses Augusta Webster
Portraits, a sustained feminist engagement with the form of the dramatic monologue, remains AW 's most studied work. While clearly influenced by male practitioners, Browning in particular, her poems operate quite differently from many...
Reception Mary Angela Dickens
MAD 's fiction appears in anthologies produced during a recuperative phase of feminist literary studies in the late 1990s. Kate Flint includes her An Idyll of an Omnibus, a story from Some Women's Ways...
Textual Features Laurence Alma-Tadema
The stories are linked by their various associations with a little ivory crucifix which appears in each. They therefore stand close to the tale-told-by-inanimate-object genre, though here a human narrator summons the scenes at which...
Textual Features Rhoda Broughton
Critics have pointed to a range of influences and allusions in this novel. Kate Flint has suggested that the representation of the sorrowful-eyed aesthete Francis Chaloner was a satiric jab at Oscar Wilde , who...
Textual Features George Eliot
This is unique among GE 's fiction in having a first-person male narrator, Latimer, who is also the only one among her characters to deal in the occult. In his case it is the gift...


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