Nelsa Chaplin

Standard Name: Chaplin, Nelsa
Used Form: Ellen Louisa Chaplin


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Dedications Rose Allatini
RA published When I Was a Queen in Babylon, a novel dedicated to her dear friends Alec and Nelsa in loving gratitude for all their love and understanding.
Allatini, Rose. When I Was a Queen in Babylon. Mills and Boon.
She had met them through...
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Allatini
Since no comment from RA on her marriage is known, we can only wonder about the sacrifice that it cost her. During each of her two pregnancies, her husband often felt the need to go...
Family and Intimate relationships Rose Allatini
In The Wheel of Rebirth (published by H. K. Challoner in 1935 with an Introductory Note by Cyril Scott and a compliment to David Anrias , and re-issued in 1969), Mills produced a multiple story...
Friends, Associates Rose Allatini
The Chaplins, Alec and Nelsa (christened Ellen Louisa, also known as Christabel or Christobel Portman ), were both occultists, Theosophists, and practitioners of alternative medicine. Cyril Scott had met Nelsa (who worked with him on...
Textual Features Rose Allatini
From there she goes to stay with a mind specialist,
Wynter, R. A. “When I was a Queen in Babylon”. Times Literary Supplement, No. 1021, p. 518.
Stephen Davenport, whom she secretly loves. Stephen and his sister Cecilia run a kind of home for the sick or disturbed; Jean...
Textual Features Rose Allatini
This novel opens in lively style with a clock striking sixteen, one of the signs of neglect and decay at Restholme, the rest home for spiritual healing to which Pauline Macnair (the young French...
Travel Rose Allatini
During their married life, RA and Scott made frequent visits to a hotel at Lausanne in Switzerland (where he observed closely and satirically the love-life of the staff and visitors). In 1928 he and RA


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