Rose Allatini

Standard Name: Allatini, Rose
Birth Name: Rose Laure Allatini
Pseudonym: A. T. Fitzroy
Married Name: Rose Laure Scott
Nickname: Viola
Pseudonym: Lucien Wainwright
Pseudonym: Eunice Buckley
RA is known for a single novel, Despised and Rejected, 1918, whose pacifist and homosexual content has attracted critics. Yet her career as author of almost forty known novels and a few short stories ran from 1914 to 1978, latterly under two successive pseudonyms which most library catalogues do not identify as hers. She began with dark novels whose idealistic, imaginative young protagonists are bitterly chastened by society. To these themes she added bodily damage by illness or accident, early death, and settings among cosmopolitan Jewish families radiating warmth, authoritarianism (especially towards women), and internal rivalries. Her Jewish interests gradually gave way to a focus on the occult; in both it seems likely that she drew heavily on her own experience. She continued to be preoccupied with illness and healing, careers and vocations, and with art as spiritual manifestation, and added to these a concern with great souls, and the transcendence of individuality by unity and of death by a transfigured afterlife. From the beginning she was prone to repetition from one book to another, and in later novels her popular tone became sensational, then clichéd both in style and incident.


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Education Catherine Carswell
Her time at the Conservatorium (closely associated with the name of Clara Schumann , who had just left the staff) overlapped with that of Percy Grainger , though not with that of Cyril Scott (later...
Friends, Associates Constance Holme
A good friend of CH in later life was the book-collector R. N. Green-Armytage . Her correspondence with him (which sustained the relationship) is now at the University of Tulsa . She was also a...
Occupation Constance Smedley
The Lyceum involved CS in various related activities. It was the reason for which she learned the art of public speaking, which frightened her at first. One of her crusades was a campaign to support...
Publishing Constance Holme
CH published her second novel, The Lonely Plough, which became her best-known.
This novel is advertised in a Mills and Boon list printed in Rose Allatini 's . . . Happy Ever After...


8 August 1914: Early in the Great War the Defence of the...

National or international item

8 August 1914

Early in the Great War the Defence of the Realm Act (later known as DORA) passed the House of Commons without debate, giving the government special powers.

14 May 1920: Time and Tide began publication, offering...

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14 May 1920

Time and Tide began publication, offering a feminist approach to literature, politics, and the arts: Naomi Mitchison called it the first avowedly feminist literary journal with any class, in some ways ahead of its time.
Mitchison, Naomi. You May Well Ask: A Memoir 1920-1940. Gollancz.


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