David Anrias

Standard Name: Anrias, David


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Family and Intimate relationships Rose Allatini
In The Wheel of Rebirth (published by H. K. Challoner in 1935 with an Introductory Note by Cyril Scott and a compliment to David Anrias , and re-issued in 1969), Mills produced a multiple story...
Friends, Associates Rose Allatini
Another friend of Scott's, the Spanish artist Pedro Morales , would arrive an hour and a half late for dinner and then stay until the early hours of the morning, leaving RA exhausted.
Scott, Cyril. Bone of Contention: Life Story and Confessions. Arco.
Textual Features Rose Allatini
Many of these stories concern people with vocations: musicians and writers, for example. In the opening and longest piece, Galileo, a shy and dreamy young man called Dennis Fayne goes to work in his...


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