Bette Davis

Standard Name: Davis, Bette


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Friends, Associates Penelope Mortimer
PM counted among her friends and acquaintances many well-known names from literature and the cinema. In Rome she met Bette Davis and Dirk Bogarde . In New York she met director Alain Resnais and producers...
Textual Features Elizabeth von Arnim
Originally entitled The Birthday Party, this novel focuses on Fanny Skeffington, an aging socialite forced to come to terms with her deteriorating looks. The novel ends with Fanny's reconciliation with her estranged husband, a...
Textual Production Daphne Du Maurier
The Scapegoat was made into a film adapted by Gore Vidal , financed in part by Alec Guinness and DDM , directed by Robert Hamer , starring Guinness and Bette Davis . It was critically...
Textual Production Shena Mackay
This pleasingly catholic selection of stories about sisters who are friends . . . and sisters who are not
Mackay, Shena, editor. Such Devoted Sisters: An Anthology of Stories. Virago.
takes its title from a song in the film Holiday Inn (remade as White Christmas...
Textual Production Edith Wharton
Each tale occupies a volume, and each represents a decade of the nineteenth century. There are decorations by E. C. Caswell . The Old Maid was later adapted as a film which starred Bette Davis
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Jackie Kay
Kay balances anger and pain with a lively sense of humour. In The Life and Death of Bette Davis, the heroine emerges from the birth canal smoking a cigarette saying, / I never want...


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