Dirk Bogarde

Standard Name: Bogarde, Dirk


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Friends, Associates Penelope Mortimer
PM counted among her friends and acquaintances many well-known names from literature and the cinema. In Rome she met Bette Davis and Dirk Bogarde . In New York she met director Alain Resnais and producers...
Publishing Molly Keane
Her last two M. J. Farrell novels were Loving Without Tears (1951) and Treasure Hunt (1952). The 1988 and 1990 Virago reprints of Loving Without Tears and Treasure Hunt had introductions by Russell Harty and...
Textual Production Harold Pinter
Pinter was highly productive as a writer of screenplays, beginning with The Servant in 1963. This film, adapted from a novella by Robin Maugham and dealing with an employer (Dirk Bogarde ) who is...


August 1961: Four years after the Wolfenden report recommended...

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August 1961

Four years after the Wolfenden report recommended legalizing homosexuality, and six before its principal recommendations became law, the pioneering filmVictim featured Dirk Bogarde as a married barrister blackmailed for a homosexual relationship.
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