Frances Osgood

Standard Name: Osgood, Frances


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Friends, Associates Eliza Cook
Her literary friends included Alfred Henry Forrester (Alfred Crowquill), for whose album she wrote a poem, and William Jerdan , who gave her valuable advice about her work. She visited with American poet...
Literary responses Eliza Cook
An 1848 preface to a US edition of her poems ranked EC 's popularity almost as high as that of Felicia Hemans or Caroline Norton . It characterises her work in terms of emotion and...
Textual Features Ella Wheeler Wilcox
This poem, about 3,500 lines long, is written mostly in couplets of anapestic tretrameter with other feet like iambs and trochees here and there, many lines than run on past the rhyme-word, and with caesura...
Textual Production Sarah Josepha Hale
The volume featured introductions to the poets excerpted. SJH included some of her own poems as well as others by Lydia Sigourney , Frances Sargent Locke Osgood , and Sarah Helen Whitman .
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1838: US poet Frances Osgood published A Wreath...

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US poet Frances Osgood published A Wreath of Wild Flowers from New England.

1839: The Casket of Fate, a small collection of...

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The Casket of Fate, a small collection of verse by Frances Osgood , appeared in London.

1845: Frances Osgood published a poetry book for...

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Frances Osgood published a poetry book for children, The Flower Alphabet in Gold Colours.

1846: US writer Frances Osgood edited The Poetry...

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US writer Frances Osgood editedThe Poetry of Flowers and the Flowers of Poetry: to Which Are Added, a Simple Treatise on Botany, with Familiar Examples, and a Copious Floral Dictionary, which featured coloured...

1847: Frances Osgood edited The Floral Offering,...

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Frances Osgood editedThe Floral Offering, a Token of Friendship, which included illustrations by I. Ackerman .

1850: US poet Frances Osgood issued at Philadelphia...

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US poet Frances Osgood issued at Philadelphia her final publication, Poems (a different collection from the one published at New York in 1846 under the same title).


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