Pierre-Daniel Huet

Standard Name: Huet, Pierre-Daniel


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Dedications Anne Dacier
The future AD published her Latin translation of the poems of Callimachus (who wrote in Greek). She dedicated the volume to the distinguished Pierre-Daniel Huet , who admired it so much that he departed from...
Friends, Associates Anne Dacier
The first of AD 's patrons was Pierre-Daniel Huet , a humanist bishop and a member of the Académie Française . He recruited both Dacier and her husband for the team which was to produce...
Textual Features Clara Reeve
CR demonstrates the widest possible reading: from Homer , Virgil and Horace (all revered) and Juvenal and Persius (used to prove that not all classical authors are admirable) through the heroic romances like those of...
Textual Production Anne Dacier
Seven letters addressed by AD to Pierre-Daniel Huet , insisting on payment for her work, were printed in Camille Henry 's Un Erudit homme du monde, homme d'église, homme de cour, 1679.
Spencer, Samia I., editor. Writers of the French Enlightenment I. Gale.
Textual Production Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette
MML , using the name Monsieur de Segrais, published Zayde: histoire espagnole, a novel whose first volume includes an important critical preface by Bishop Pierre-Daniel Huet , Traité de l'origine des romans, which discusses female authorship.
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Lafayette, Marie-Madeleine de, and Pierre-Daniel Huet. Zayde. Barbin, 1671.