Jean Renaud de Segrais

Standard Name: Segrais, Jean Renaud de


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Publishing Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette
Jean Renaud de Segrais was a real person, who like Lafayette and Huet (a correspondent of de Scudéry ) was a member of the late seventeenth-century Paris intelligentsia. This novel was translated into English in...
Textual Production Marie-Madeleine de Lafayette
MML , using the name Monsieur de Segrais, published Zayde: histoire espagnole, a novel whose first volume includes an important critical preface by Bishop Pierre-Daniel Huet , Traité de l'origine des romans, which discusses female authorship.
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1676: Tachmas, Prince of Persia: An Historical...

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Tachmas, Prince of Persia: An Historical Novel (a translation by P. Porter from the French of Jean Renaud de Segrais ) marks an early use of this genre term.


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