Audre Lorde

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Education Meiling Jin
She was saved by the public Children's Library. She read omnivorously, beginning with the Dr Doolittle books (Hugh Lofting ) and fairy stories but missing out on Enid Blyton (who was kept locked away)...
Intertextuality and Influence Meiling Jin
In the introduction to the book of poems that was her first publication, MJ noted that poetry was a form of expression that comes easier to me than most others. This state of affairs was...
Intertextuality and Influence Adrienne Rich
AR 's delineation of a lesbian continuum . . . of woman-identified experience
Rich, Adrienne. Blood, Bread, and Poetry. Norton.
became one of her most controversial and influential theories. Rejecting established definitions of lesbianism as pathology, she means to acknowledge the...
Intertextuality and Influence Adrienne Rich
AR writes here on June Jordan , Audre Lorde , Muriel Rukeyser , and Wallace Stevens , among others. She reiterates her passionate belief in the links between poetic, personal, and social consciousness and activity:...
politics Jackie Kay
JK was politically a feminist by the time she went to university. Her purposeful espousal of her black identity was political too. She attended a meeting of the Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent
Reception Adrienne Rich
She accepted the award, together with fellow nominees Audre Lorde and Alice Walker , on behalf of all silenced women, and in their names gave away her prize.
Reception Alice Walker
When this volume was nominated for a National Book Award, three of the four female nominees (among eleven) agreed that they would not compete with each other, but would accept the award (if it was...
Textual Production Zoë Fairbairns
The preface says that the volume does not pretend to offer answers or solutions. Nor does it attempt to promote a particular political position.
Ebersole, Lucinda, and Richard Peabody. “Preface”. Coming to Terms: A Literary Response to Abortion, edited by Lucinda Ebersole and Richard Peabody, The New Press, p. xiii - xiv.
It includes a diverse array of writers including Alice Walker
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Alice Walker
First among the acknowledgements stands the name of AW 's forebear May Poole , who lived under slavery and reportedly died at the age of a hundred and twenty-five.
Walker, Alice. Anything We Love Can Be Saved. Random House.
The volume's strong element of...


7-9 June 1984: The first International Women's Book Fair...

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7-9 June 1984

The first International Women's Book Fair (or Feminist Book Fair) was held in London. It was followed by the second at Oslo in 1986 and the third in Montreal in 1988. The Book Fair...


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