Mary Frances Billington

Standard Name: Billington, Mary Frances
Birth Name: Mary Frances Billington
MFB established her reputation as a journalist by holding a number of prominent posts on English newspapers and reporting on major social concerns and events, roles that were typically unavailable to women at the turn of the twentieth century. Her ethnographic study of women's lives in India, Woman in India, 1895, critiques Western preconceptions about Indian women's everyday lives and struggles. She devoted much of her later life to furthering the status of women journalists and serving in an important editorial capacity for the Daily Telegraph. Her two collections of writing published during the First World War offer some of the period's most comprehensive accounts of women's contributions to the war effort.


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Family and Intimate relationships May Crommelin
MC said her sister Caroline Anna , who was about five years younger, was a supporter of her writing from an early age. In the late 1880s Caroline (with another sister who was already married,...


By the late 1880s: Frances Low was pursuing a successful career...

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By the late 1880s

Frances Low was pursuing a successful career as a journalist and an editor for The Queen.

4 January 1890: The Daily Graphic was launched as England's...

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4 January 1890

The Daily Graphic was launched as England's first daily illustrated paper. Mary Frances Billington was appointed special correspondent on women's issues. The paper ran until 16 October 1926.
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1897: Mary Billington moved from the Daily Graphic...

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Mary Billington moved from the Daily Graphic to begin work at the Daily Telegraph as the head of the women's department.


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