Caroline Shaw

Standard Name: Shaw, Caroline


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Birth May Crommelin
She was the second daughter in a family of eight children, of whom half died before the end of the nineteenth century. Her only surviving brother died on 15 June 1902, and her surviving married...
Dedications May Crommelin
The same year, 1900, saw her publish The Luck of the Lowland Laddie, in a Scottish setting, with a wealth of lowland Scots dialogue throughout.
Crommelin, May. “Introduction”. Orange Lily, edited by Philip Robinson, Ullans Press, p. vii - xi.
She dedicated it to her sister Caroline Shaw
Family and Intimate relationships May Crommelin
MC said her sister Caroline Anna , who was about five years younger, was a supporter of her writing from an early age. In the late 1880s Caroline (with another sister who was already married,...
Textual Production May Crommelin
In addition to joining the crowd of authors of Fenella, and twice producing novels in more ordinary paired collaborations, MC joined with her sister Caroline Shaw to produce a chapter on Furniture and Decoration...


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