Henri IV, King of France

Standard Name: Henri IV,, King of France
Used Form: Henri Quatre
Used Form: Henry of Navarre


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Family and Intimate relationships Marguerite de Navarre
She was grandmother to another king of France, Henri IV .
Intertextuality and Influence Margaret Bingham, Countess Lucan
Her title-page features a quotation in French from Henri le Grand of France, about his aspiration to provide a chicken in every pot in his kingdom: the poor of Mayo, she says, get nothing...
Literary Setting Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins
The title-page quotes Edward Young on the dangers, for a woman, of love. An Advertisement calls the author only an editor of a French original, but says so many changes have been made that little...
Performance of text Catherine Gore
CG , still resident in Paris, had another play open in London: The King's Seal at Drury Lane , featuring the French monarch Henri IV .
Gore, Catherine. “Introduction”. Gore on Stage: The Plays of Catherine Gore, edited by John Franceschina, Garland, pp. 1-34.
Reception Charlotte Lennox
Reviews were excellent, partly on account of the interest of the subject-matter (which Catherine Talbot for one had found riveting). Johnson in the Literary Review explicitly praised the style as well.
Carlile, Susan. Charlotte Lennox. An Independent Mind. University of Toronto Press.
In January 1757...
Textual Features Anne Dowriche
AD 's chosen metre, poulter's measure, consists of alexandrines (lines of twelve syllables or six feet) alternating with lines of fourteen syllables or seven feet). She embroiders her prose sources with invented speeches for her...
Textual Features Anne Dowriche
It deals with topical news: the murder by a friar or monk of the French king, Henri III . Henri died on 2 August 1589 after being attacked the previous day. He had previously, under...
Textual Features Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
This novel was suggested by my reading the Memoirs of the Duc de Sully [translated by Charlotte Lennox ] and falling very much in love with Henri IV .
Campbell, Mary. Lady Morgan: The Life and Times of Sydney Owenson. Pandora.
She set it, therefore, in...
Textual Production Elizabeth Ogilvy Benger
Lucy Aikin said that at the time of her death EOB was planning to write a comparable volume of memoirs of the time of Henri IV of France (the former champion of Protestants who converted...
Textual Production Louisa Stuart Costello
LSC published her translated Specimens of the Early Poetry of France from the Time of the Troubadours and the Trouvères to the Reign of Henri Quatre.
Athenæum. J. Lection.
394 (1835): 369
Textual Production Louisa Stuart Costello
LSC followed up these works with a second historical novel, Gabrielle; or, Pictures of a Reign, published in 1843, and a third travel narrative, Béarn and the Pyrenees: A Legendary Tour to the...
Textual Production Charlotte Lennox
The selection included here covered Sully's time as ambassador to England, during which he hoped to gain support for Henri IV 's dream of a senate or council of Europe.
Griffiths, Ralph, and George Edward Griffiths, editors. Monthly Review. R. Griffiths.
4: 409-10
Textual Production Carola Oman
CO published her historical biography Henrietta Maria: it opens dramatically, its first chapter relating the murder of the baby Henriette-Marie's father, Henri IV , by François Ravaillac .
British Library Catalogue. http://explore.bl.uk/primo_library/libweb/action/search.do?dscnt=0&tab=local_tab&dstmp=1489778087340&vid=BLVU1&mode=Basic&fromLo.
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sarah Pearson
Several poems treat events in history: not only Henry II of England but also the Protestant Henri IV of France . The latter's victory over the Catholic League at the battle of Ivry in 1590...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Eleanor Sleath
The second volume opens with the story of La Roque, who eventally turns out to be Laurette's grandfather, Conte della Croissa (though he later reappears as a monk, Father Andrea), and represents benevolent patriarchal power...


25 July 1593: Henri IV of France converted from Protestantism...

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25 July 1593

Henri IV of France converted from Protestantism to Roman Catholicism.

1610: The assassination of Henri IV of France left...

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The assassination of Henri IV of France left his widow, Marie de Medici , ruling as Regent for her young son, Louis XIII .


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