Henry Addington, first Viscount Sidmouth

Standard Name: Sidmouth, Henry Addington,,, first Viscount


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Health Mary Lamb
Mary herself, her brother Charles, and the general public all accepted that at the moment of the killing she had not known what she was doing. Charles was relieved from nameless fears when a week...
politics Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire
With the resignation of Pitt in February 1801, and the succession of Henry Addington as Prime Minister, Georgiana found that she was once again a centre of political influence, confided in and consulted by Whigs...
Publishing Harriet Downing
It is dedicated to HD 's beloved Cousin Louisa G—. Subscribers included George IV , and Prince Leopold (widower of Princess Charlotte), Lord Sidmouth , many members of the Bourne family and several residents of...


17 March 1801
Henry Addington (a Tory who in 1805 was created first Viscount Sidmouth) formed the government after William Pitt resigned over George III 's opposition to Catholic Emancipation.
By October 1801
Henry Addington , the new Prime Minister, worked out a proposal for peace with France; but it came to nothing for another five months.
10 May 1804
William Pitt formed the government again after forcing Henry Addington to resign.
23 February 1820
In the Cato Street Conspiracy, a group of revolutionaries picked this day to assassinate members of the Cabinet at a private dinner; the plot failed.