Tace Sowle

Standard Name: Sowle, Tace


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Publishing Elizabeth Bathurst
Tace Sowle 's first project on taking over her father 's publishing firm was for Truth Vindicated by the Faithful Testimony and Writings of the Innocent Servant and Hand-Maid of the Lord, Elizabeth Bathurst , Deceased.
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Publishing Margaret Fell
She wrote this testimony after Fox's death in early 1691, to appear with his journal. Fox's work reached its seventh edition (printed by Tace Sowle ) in 1694-8 and went on being reprinted thereafter.
Textual Production Bathsheba Bowers
This 23-page account was probably published by the eminent local Quaker printer William Bradford (nephew of Tace Sowle ). Attempts of some kind had been made to block it, which caused BB weeping and anguish...
Textual Production Jane Lead
The readership envisaged for this work explicitly includes those in remote places overseas. With the deterioration in JL 's sight, her poems, particularly, were subject to polishing by her associates; and all her works became...
Textual Production Mary Mollineux
Seven years after MM died, her Fruits of Retirement: or Miscellaneous Poems, Moral and Divine was published by Tace Sowle (the leading Quaker printer): she had been urged to print, but believed that would be...
Textual Production Elizabeth Stirredge
ES 's autobiography, Strength in Weakness Manifest, was posthumously published by the Quaker printer Tace Sowle .
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Andrew Sowle finished his apprenticeship (to the Nonconformist printer Ruth Raworth ), and began printing Quaker texts from an unknown address.
Quaker theologian Robert Barclay 's Apology for the True Christian Divinity was first published in English, by the Sowle Press .
By early 1691
Tace Sowle , aged twenty-five, took over from her elderly father, Andrew , the family printing firm (which that year distributed books to 151 Quaker meetings, as well as bookshops in England, Europe, and the...
Quaker printer Tace Sowle produced three volumes of the works of George Fox (Quaker pioneer, husband of Margaret Fell ): his Journal, Epistles, and Gospel-Truth Demonstrated.
John Tomkins published Piety Promoted, in a Collection of Dying Sayings of Many of the People Called Quakers, an important source for lives of both men and women.
The first Quaker bibliography, John Whiting's A Catalogue of Friends' Books. . . , was published by Tace Sowle .
William Sewel published, through the firm of Tace Sowle , his History of the Rise, Increase and Progress of the Christian People Called Quakers.
November 1749
The leading Quaker printer Tace Sowle (known as Tace Sowle Raylton since her marriage in 1706) died, a highly successful businesswoman.


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