Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins

Standard Name: Tomlins, Elizabeth Sophia
EST published four novels and a (collaborative) book of poems during the last two decades of the eighteenth century. She was also said to have written translation and contributions to periodicals.


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Intertextuality and Influence Frances Burney
Bibliographer James Raven notes a crescendo in novelistic echoes of FB 's works during the 1780s. Burney's brother Charles , for instance, noted borrowings from both Evelina and Cecilia in his review for the Monthly...
Literary responses Sophia Lee
The Critical Review was delighted by the earlier volumes of The Recess: It is new; it is instructive; it is highly interesting; and we wish that this mode of writing were more frequent. It...
Textual Production Anne Francis
The poem followed several novels in response to Werter, including Eleanora by Anne Burke (late July 1785) and The Victim of Fancy by Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins (mid-December 1786), both of whom have Orlando entries...
Textual Production Eglinton Wallace
It appeared in two different editions put out this year through the different publishers T. Hookham , and Debrett . The Debrett edition lists the price, one shilling and sixpence, on the title-page.
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Goethe's novel...


January 1781-December 1782: The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties...

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January 1781-December 1782

The Lady's Poetical Magazine, or Beauties of British Poetry appeared, published by James Harrison in four half-yearly numbers; it is arguable whether or not it kept the first number's promise of generous selections of work...


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