Richard Kennedy

Standard Name: Kennedy, Richard


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Occupation Virginia Woolf
Once the press was repaired they printed their handbill. Their first book (Two Stories, containing Virginia's The Mark on the Wall and Leonard's Three Jews) had to be set up and printed...
Publishing Ivy Compton-Burnett
She offered it to the Hogarth Press , where Leonard Woolf passed it to the office boy, Richard Kennedy (with Sligo by Jack Yeats ) to try his hand at a reader's report. Kennedy consulted...
Publishing Rosemary Sutcliff
Sutcliff called it an outside job, written in response to a complaint by her mother (a strong admirer of Oliver Cromwell ) about all the fictional representations of handsome, charming Cavaliers and boorish, unmannerly...
Publishing Rosemary Sutcliff
She used the same illustrator as before, Richard Kennedy .
Publishing Virginia Woolf
It its first six months it sold 8,104 copies in England (twice as many as To the Lighthouse) and 13,031 from Harcourt Brace in the USA.
Glendinning, Victoria. Vita. Penguin.
The Hogarth office boy, Richard Kennedy


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Kennedy, Richard, and Bevis Hillier. A Boy at the Hogarth Press. Heinemann, 1972.