Elizabeth Bury

Standard Name: Bury, Elizabeth
Birth Name: Elizabeth Lawrence
Married Name: Elizabeth Lloyd
Married Name: Elizabeth Bury
EB was a seventeenth-century woman whose religious background (radical Anglican , which after the Restoration became Dissenting ) encouraged her to acquire a scholarly education. Her spiritual life embraced the practice of diary- and letter-writing as well as extemporary prayer, and after her death her widower published a volume of memoirs which mediated and preserved all that survives of her work in these genres.


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Intertextuality and Influence Sarah Savage
The diary also records SS 's delight in such biographical religious texts as the Lives of Mrs. Bury , Mrs. Rowe , Mrs. Walker .
Williams, Sir John Bickerton, and Sarah Savage. Memoirs of the Life and Character of Mrs. Sarah Savage. Holdsworth and Ball.
Women's writing on pious topics was important to her...
Theme or Topic Treated in Text Sophia Jex-Blake
SJB here discusses the benefit of women doctors in the treatment of female patients. She takes the reader through a timeline of women in medicine, dating back as far as ancient Greece, and including...


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Bury, Elizabeth. An Account of the Life and Death of Mrs Elizabeth Bury. Editor Bury, Samuel, Printed by and for J. Penn and sold by J. Sprint, 1720.