Sir Francis Younghusband

Standard Name: Younghusband, Sir Francis


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Anthologization Lady Margaret Sackville
LMS also contributed to a collection issued by the Royal Society of Literature in 1931: Essays by Divers Hands (edited by Sir Francis Younghusband ). She wrote the forewords to Lorna Keeling Connard's part-verse...
Publishing Dervla Murphy
Thinking of her father's years of hoping and struggling to publish his novels, DM said she felt her life had been chosen as the medium through which all the strivings of generations of scribbling Murphys...


1904: British troops under Sir Francis Younghusband...

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British troops under Sir Francis Younghusband invaded Tibet (nominally under Chinese rule but feared to be leaning towards Russia); 2,000 Tibetans died in the invasion, as against forty British soldiers.


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