Catherine Hubback

Standard Name: Hubback, Catherine
Birth Name: Catherine Anne Austen
Married Name: Catherine Anne Hubback
CH , a niece of Jane Austen , began her publishing career in the mid nineteenth century with her completed version of a novel left unfinished by her famous aunt, of whom she also wrote reminiscences. Her own novels are competent and conventional, vehicles of an explicitly and emphatically Christian message. They are, however, the very reverse of the kind of fiction that Austen advised for her younger relations, with their reliance on arbitrary plot twists (especially threat to life and limb), and the way their religious feeling dwells on death and the future life rather than this one.


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Family and Intimate relationships Jane Austen
JA 's two youngest brothers, Francis William and Charles John , both joined the navy as midshipmen, and both ended their successful careers as admirals. While she never left the south of England, they (and...
Textual Production Joan Aiken
JA again partnered herself with Jane Austen , completing the earlier of Austen's two unfinished novels as Emma Watson, The Watsons Completed.
This unfinished novel, a standing temptation to sequel-writers, was first completed by...


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